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Likérka a ovocný liehovar Vanapo s. r. o. – Svidnik

Likérka a ovocný liehovar Vanapo s. r. o. – Svidnik

Svidnik is not only a town with unique museums and splendid natural features of the Ondava basin. It is also known for the local Slovak and Ruthenian cuisine, including regional alcoholic beverages.

The Vanapo liqueur plant and fruit distillery is a special place that has been making delicious alcohols for 25 years. It was established in 1993 as the first private distillery in Slovakia, and in a short time gained a strong position in the domestic alcohol market. Vanapo is specialised in the production of a wide range of alcoholic beverages using the cold distillation process. After building a fruit distillery the company expanded its operations to include traditional distillates from natural ingredients. The high quality and superb taste of its products are guaranteed by traditional recipes, which are the secret of the production process.

Vanapo offers a variety of premium branded vodkas, liqueurs and distillates produced in a traditional way from natural ingredients. The best raw materials are used, such as high quality, demineralised water, soft wheat alcohol, natural flavours, macerates and extracts.


Vanapo products are divided into 5 main lines:

  1. Consum Vanapo spirits – a range of cold distilled spirits. These include: Vodka Michal, Rossniak Pine Brandy, Fernet Vanapo, Napoleon Vanapo, Prima Tum Vanapo, Vodka Galant and Gin Vanapo.

  2. Royal Vanapo are spirits manufactured in a special chemical process for every kind of product. The main ingredient is purified delicate spirit. These include Harakiri Liqueur, Carpathian Tea, Vanapo Absinth, and Gold Country Whisky.

  3. Vanapo Distillates are obtained through the distillation of fermented sugary ingredients. These include: Pravá Makovická Slivovica, Pravá Makovická Hruškovica, and Pravá Makovická Jahodovica.

  4. Exclusive Vanapo are first-class trademarked alcohols, which, because of their composition, belong to the group of noble spirits. Their character comes from excellent natural distillates, with the addition of spirit filtered several times, natural flavours and crystal-clear water from the Čierna Hora mountain spring. A piece of dried fruit is placed in each bottle.

  5. Nip Vanapo is a selection of samples representing the products of the distillery packed in miniature bottles.


When in Svidnik, find some time to visit the Vanapo distillery and its company shop to discover all these quality products.

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