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The brewery in Wojkówka is housed in an unusual venue – an old school building. And the former use of this building has left a special footprint because today one can learn a lot here about each stage of the beer making process, as well as beer etiquette.

The brewery was established in 2011 to offer an alternative to widely available beer produced on an industrial scale. In March 2012 the building changed its owner, and soon after, in early February 2013, the brewery became operational as, importantly, the first artisan brewery in the region. It harks back to the centuries-old tradition of brewing beer in manors and farms of the sub-Carpathian countryside.

The bar room and pub are decorated in a plain rustic style, largely reflecting the atmosphere of old-time places of this type. The untreated red brick and rough wall patterns are characteristic features of the interior. Photographs on the walls depict the process of beer making, which can also be watched live through large glazing in the serving section. The beer garden has been designed to create a pleasant feel by the aesthetic combination of cold stone and warm timber. The waiting ladies are dressed in corsets, just like those worn by Bavarian girls at the time of the Oktoberfest. Another reference to the sub-Alpine climate is made by the Browaria Festival of Good Beer, one of many interesting events organized by the brewery owners.

The Wojkówka microbrewery offers top and bottom fermented beers. It also organizes workshops for those into home-brewing. In 2014 the brewery launched the sale of its own-label beer in restaurants and pubs in the Podkarpacie region.

The brewery’s offer includes Stout Mleczny, Amber Ale, Kolch, Pacyfic Blue, Marynka, Ambasador, Wojkówka Summer, Victoria, Noc w Wojkówce, Podpiwek Jałowcowy, Witbier, Pils, Pszeniczne, Dunkel, Amber Lager, Horizon, and Pszenica Bamber. Every few months new types and styles of beer are introduced, in addition to seasonal beers.

Beers from the Wojnówka brewery are available in Rzeszów, in a pub on Matejki street no. 4 (entrance from Kopernika street).

An additional ingenious convenience which customers can use is the transport service from Krosno to the brewery in Wojnówka and back. 

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