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Winnica Dolina Sanu in Sanok

Winnica Dolina Sanu in Sanok

The Dolina Sanu vineyard is in Olchowce, a district of Sanok on the other side of the San river, stretching over the beautiful, sunny slopes of the Słonne Mountains. It is the most south-eastern vineyard in Poland, located at the shortest distance to those across the Carpathians, in Slovakia and Hungary. The vineyard, covering 1.6 ha, was established in 2006 by Józef Brodziak, a farmer fascinated by viticulture and wine making. He got this passion during multiple visits to Germany, where the local winemakers he befriended revealed to him the secrets of the wine maker’s craft. And from them he also got the first 250 seedlings, which have taken perfectly on the local Polish soil. It turned out that both the soil and climate are suitable for the imported grapevine cultivars. Over time, the number and variety of seedlings increased. Today, white, pink and red wines are made here, and all are aged in a specially built cellar. As the vineyard owner says: “Wine must have its authentic climate,” and that's why the inside of the cellar is lined with natural stone from the nearby San river. Master Józef himself takes guests around the vineyard, talking with passion about his work, the secrets of viticulture, and the production of this great drink. The vineyard is his materialised dream and true hobby. He tends it and looks after it every day with the utmost care. Ultimately, he plans to extend the vineyard to 2.5 ha and build a new wine cellar. As he said, reminiscing with stories told by his parents, grapevines were grown in the Sanok area before World War II.

After touring the vineyard and the wine cellar, the host invites guest for a tasting of his unique products in a pleasant, family-like atmosphere. Winter is an equally good time for visiting the vineyard, and chilled tourists are encouraged to warm up by the fireplace with a glass of mulled wine and listen to the fascinating stories about the oldest drink in the world and its local production.

In the winery grounds there is a lot of space to park cars, or even a bus, so Mr Józef Brodziak invites all enotourists, be they individuals or organized groups. Everyone is welcomed with open arms here.

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