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Przeworskie Winnice

Przeworskie Winnice

Przeworskie Winnice (Przeworsk Wineries) is a brilliant and very successful family venture which dramatically transformed the life of the Rosół family. Currently, all its members are more or less involved in this project, and will certainly make their mark in the family’s history because every wine made here is named after a close relative of Dariusz Rosół. The winery owner often jokes that he put the entire family in bottles.

It all began in 2008. Initially, the vineyards were in two locations, but now, after increasing the cultivation area to 2.2 hectares, grapevine is only grown in Aleksandrów, a district of Przeworsk, on the hills in the south-eastern part of the town. Grapevine varieties include those for making white, rosé and red wines.

Interestingly, the winery also makes sparkling wines. Moreover, in 2015 Dariusz Rosół got the status of a certified expert producer of Communion wines.

Wines made here are created with the minimum use of preservatives. No additives of animal origin are used, first of all because Communion wines may only be stabilized by the addition of sulfur dioxide.

The owner of the winery has been recognized and awarded for his hard work and the excellent quality of his products. Dariusz Rosół was granted, for example, a ministerial badge “Person of merit for agriculture”, and in 2017 he received the quality certificate “Smaczne bo podkarpackie” from the Business Promotion Centre for his excellent wines.

With enthusiasm, passion and great expertise Mr Rosół tells visitors about the history of the vineyard, grapevine varieties, the wines and their production. He also emphasizes that he is not a businessman, and has never treated winemaking as a business, but a lifestyle. He says that he had to revise some aspects of his value system and learn to live a different life. He shared his passion with his son Maciej, a beginner in the wine industry, and from 2018 wines made by Maciej came onto the market.

White wines from Przeworsk winery are named Paulina, Zofia Agnieszka and Elżbieta. Red and rosé wines are called Jacek, Kazimierz and Aleksander.

Dariusz Rosół is a kind and open person who willingly shares his experience with others, especially beginner enthusiasts of the winemaking craft.

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