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Pivovar u Medveda – Humenne

Pivovar u Medveda – Humenne

What is there to visit in Humenne? You have to see the castle. You could see the open-air museum or go to the Svejk restaurant as many other people do, but you must not miss the local brewery, Pivovar u Medveda. It is located in the town centre, in the extension of the pedestrian zone, which starts in front of the castle, runs between brick houses full of shops, cafes and restaurants, and reaches the main, four-lane road crossing Humenne. Across the road there is the Humenne Mesto railway station, and Pivovar u Medveda has its abode next to it. This is a small, one-level building, quite aesthetically pleasing despite the lack of eye-catching features. But the interior will satisfy many tastes. It is modest, simply but creatively decorated, clean and neat. As soon as you walk in you see the vats in which the beer is brewed. The nose also immediately senses the fragrance of boiling malt. The master of ceremonies opens the lid from time to time to check if the process is progressing as it should. The vats, copper pipes, the fragrance and the brewer preoccupied with his work create an atmosphere that makes you want to sit here and enjoy a pint, especially because the brewery also offers excellent local cuisine.

The family-run Pivovar u Medveda was opened just a year ago, but it already enjoys great popularity among local people and tourists. Local people drop in here not only for get-togethers with a good beer, but also for a delicious meal at lunchtime. Do they have a beer with their lunch? It all depends on where they work.

The brewery makes a wide range of beers. These include bottom-fermented beers: Výčapana 10o, Ležiak Svetlý 12o, Ležiak Špecial 13o; top-fermented beers: Macko 10o, Medved 12o, Maco 11o, APA 12o, ALE 13o, IPA 16o, Stout 14o, Milk Stout 17o, Baltic Porter 18o, Medový Porter 19o, Zázvor 13o (ginger), Pumpkin ALE 12o, Witbier 12o, Pšeničné 12o (wheat), Malinové 12o and Radler Grepový 2.0o (grapefruit).

The menu is decorated with thematic aphorisms. The list of beverages starts with meaningful words that allegedly came from Wilhelm II Hohenzollern, Kaiser of Germany: Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world. And the beer list gives a piece of advice: You can tell a good beer after the first sip. But you had better make sure and have the whole pint.

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