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Manufaktura Nalewek – Nalevkas of the Krzanowski family

Manufaktura Nalewek – Nalevkas of the Krzanowski family

It is impossible to imagine a manor house in the Podkarpacie region where the old custom of making traditional Polish liqueurs, nalevkas, would not be cherished. Each family had its own ways and traditional recipes, passed down from generation to generation. Clans even competed with each other for a better flavour and a more effective concoction. One may ask if the word concoction is appropriate, since it implies a medicinal aspect. But in fact this strong alcohol was originally made and used for its medicinal properties. A legend attributes the making of the first liqueur to Hippocrates, who allegedly prepared it for medicinal use by mixing wine with honey and spices. For this reason, in modern times this type of liqueur used to be called Hippocrates. When the Arabs invented alcohol, they started mixing it with herbs after finding that herbal substances in this form are better assimilated and more effective. The first liqueur to be used not as a medication but an enjoyable alcoholic drink was called rosoglio (Latin ros solis – sun dew), and was created in Italy in the 14th century. It was made of rose petal oil mixed with spirit. Hence, the Polish rosolis were widely used for health and pleasure. The most famous rosolis, made in the Factory of Liqueur, Rosolis and Rum in Łańcut, owned by count Alfred Potocki, was known across Europe, and considered the best and most expensive alcoholic beverage served at the grandest feasts. The fashion for liqueurs came to Poland from France, probably with Henri de Valois, the first elective king of Poland. In a short time every mansion had to have several types of liqueur in their medicine cabinet.

Recipes for these liqueurs, called nalevkas, were passed down from generation to generation and kept in family chronicles called Silva rerum (Latin ‘the forest of things’).

Nalevkas became an element of the rich, Polish noble tradition and were prepared, for example, at the time of a child's baptism, but served much later, at his or her wedding party.
After World War II the tradition of making nalevkas went into decline, but today it is revived thanks to many enthusiasts of old Polish culinary heritage. One of the places that excels in the production of this superb alcoholic drink in Podkarpacie is Manufaktura Nalewek Rodziny Krzanowskich in Korczyna, near Krosno.

It was established in 2013 after a long period in which the family experimented with the preparation of this drink. In 2014 a hall with special equipment for the production of nalevkas was created. In 2016 appropriately selected fruits were loaded into tanks and left for a year-long maceration. In 2017 the first batch of delicious ready products was poured into the original branded bottles. The current range of Manufaktura includes nalevkas with mysterious names such as Podstępna porzeczka, Soczysta malina and Wiśniowa furia.

We highly recommend tasting the fruits of the experiments of the Krzanowski family!

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