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Bieszczadzka Wytwórnia Piwa at Centrum Ursa Maior in Uherce Mineralne

Bieszczadzka Wytwórnia Piwa at Centrum Ursa Maior in Uherce Mineralne

The Ursa Maior brewery is located by the main road called the Bieszczady Big Ring Road (Duża Obwodnica Bieszczadzka). There are many different attractions in the area, and one of them, a must-see place when visiting Bieszczady, is Centrum Ursa Maior. The grand building houses a three-level hall used for concerts, exhibitions and conferences, the Ursa Maior Hall, with over 200 seats. From there the production facilities can be seen through the enormous fire-resistant glazed wall. There is also a shop with regional products inspired by traditional Bieszczady and Carpathian art, branded as Esencja Karpat.

Bieszczadzka Wytwórnia Piwa is a brewery established by two passionate people. The first is Agnieszka Łopata, PhD Eng in environmental protection, a brewer by passion, who before building Ursa Maior won many contests for home-brewers, and in 2012 was granted the title best home-brewer. In Bieszczady she earned her nickname Piwowarka Aga. The chief operations manager is Dr Andrzej Czech, a tireless promoter of good local beer, culture and traditions.

The brewery offers beers that can satisfy virtually all tastes. These include delicate wheat beers, very aromatic with a strong bitterness, a beer with the addition of smoked malt, dark beer in the style of robust porter, with coffee and dried fruit aromas, and many others. The first beers made by this brewery, Ursa z Połoniny (American Amber Ale) and Ursa Royzbawiony (wheat) have been very well received by lovers and experts of beer in Poland in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław and other places. Today the brewery makes as many as 31 types of beer! They are all unpasteurized and unfiltered, so that they retain valuable vitamins and minerals. All of them are also naturally carbonated and vegan, i.e. they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, such as honey, lactose, isinglass or gelatine.

The products are also aesthetically presented. Labels and packaging have an interesting design, emphasizing the originality and at the same time Bieszczady-style of products.

The building of Centrum Ursa Maior, designed in a historical style, uses renewable energy. It has wastewater treatment plants in the garden, and other green solutions. In front of the building there is a large parking lot for 40 cars and a few coaches, so there is plenty of space for every visitor.

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