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The Trail of Historical Recipes 

The microproject Trail of Historical Recipes is implemented from 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018. Within its framework a new tourist route will be created, the Trail of Historical Recipes, running through the Podkarpackie Province and northern Slovakia. The trail connects places associated with the artisan production of regional foods, such as beers, wines, natural liqueurs, meads, snacks and traditional dishes. 

The project is implemented by the Podkarpackie Regional Tourism Organization and its Slovak partner, Karpatský Euroregión Slovensko-Sever.

Measures under the project include, among others, commercialization of the trail, workshops and a conference for project partners, creation of a website about the trail and a dedicated application, as well as the publication of printed materials related to the trail, i.e. a tourist guide, brochure and a map of the trail.

The microproject Trail of Historical Recipes is co-financed from European Union funds under the Interreg Poland - Slovakia programme. The total budget of the microproject is 67 428.60 EUR, of which 74.15% comes from the European Regional Development Fund.


Tourists travelling along the Trail of Historical Recipes are encouraged to visit places where unique artisan local products are made. Traditional beers, wines, liqueurs and meads in their authentic flavours epitomize local history, culture and nature. The enthusiasts who make these products follow old recipes and use natural ingredients. Artisan producers operate on a small scale, so most venues covered by the project are located in tiny picturesque villages and towns that have not yet been discovered as tourist attractions.
The new trail strengthens the recognisability of selected tourist destinations in Podkarpacie and northern Slovakia and cooperation between them. The topic of the trail, making reference to traditions, centuries-old recipes and local flora, meets the currently strong demand for natural and well-tested products prepared in the same way for generations. The heritage of the areas on the trail, as well as the specific aspects of artisan production, has a strong link with the world of plants, the rhythm of the seasons and natural healing methods. Artisan production draws the attention of tourists towards the material and non-material heritage of the region. The enthusiasm and painstaking effort of artisans, as well as the scenic setting of artisan facilities create a ready-made tourist offer. The trail is a unique proposition for those looking for intriguing culinary experiences and unforgettable stories.